Unlike other bonds that are backed by revenues or taxes, a securitized bond is backed by a stream of future payments to the public entity. A tobacco securitization bond is backed by payments pursuant to a tobacco settlement, and is based on tobacco sales from the participating manufacturers.

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Under a securitization deal, bonds backed by the state’s tobacco settlement revenue would be sold to generate an immediate infusion of cash. In exchange, the state would be required to give up some or all of its annual tobacco payments for about 30 years to compensate the bond holders.

Follow By Jim McLean March 11, 2016 A leading child advocate has obtained a document that she says confirms state officials are considering a deal to securitize the state’s tobacco settlement payments. shannon cotsoradis, president of the nonprofit advocacy group kansas Action for Children, raised concerns about a possible securitization deal earlier in the week in testimony to a Senate.

Tobacco Settlement Securitization Bonds. which would mean committing at least $50-100,000 to a municipal bond portfolio (most bonds transact in groups of at least five or ten, which would be.

(KSNW) – The Kansas Department of Health has confirmed the first death. For individuals wanting more information on how to.

"Tobacco securitization" would allow the state of Kansas to sell off the rights to part of its 1998 tobacco settlement money for the next 20 to 30 years, in exchange for about $160 million now.

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The governing bodies of both Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, voted Thursday to raise the legal age for buying tobacco and electronic nicotine-vapor products from 18 to 21 in their.

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Tobacco securitization presentation from Citigroup. On January 1, 2017, the KHI News Service became part of KCUR public radio’s new initiative, the Kansas News Service.The Kansas News Service will continue to cover health policy news and broaden its scope to include education and politics.

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"Tobacco securitization" would allow the state of Kansas to sell off the rights to part of its 1998 tobacco settlement money for the next 20 to 30 years, in exchange for about $160 million now.

Tax Hike Veto a Negative Credit Factor for Kansas. liquidation of a capital reserve, sale of a tobacco settlement securitization bond to be used for current budget relief, and underfunding of.

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