I applaud Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson for his leadership and thank him for introducing a bill that spells out the costs and dangers associated with this flawed proposal estimated to cost hard-working families $650,000 per household in the first 10 years alone."

It is the support of illegals that is beating up the taxpayers in California, not McClintock. McClintock is more likely to be involved in rectifying the problem than any Democrat you might want to replace him. Maybe a change in the state tax structure and not the Fed. would be in order. Reply Report abusive comment

REP. TOM MCCLINTOCK (R-CA): "Mr. Speaker, I think it is important to ask ourselves how legislation is actually doing once it has passed; and four months after tax reform, I think it is time to reflect on that.In my California district, the average family is paying $1,900 less federal income tax this coming year.

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The Latest: The Senate approved the Republican the tax bill, 51-48.. mustered enough support in the Senate to approve a sweeping tax plan. “If we lose on any of them, none are large enough to jeopardize the standing of.. from a no vote to a yes vote was Representative Tom McClintock of California.

4 days ago. U.S. Rep Tom McClintock voted against the House version of the tax reform bill.. I want to thank Chairman Brady, the Republican Leadership and the. and on behalf of California taxpayers I can now offer my enthusiastic support.. we forget , when Bill Clinton approved the biggest capital gains tax cut in.

That’s poised to change, though, if GOP lawmakers succeed in enacting their tax-overhaul bill, which is. on it,” New York Republican representative tom reed told The Washington Post in early.

GOP reforms could raise taxes for California families, says Rep. Tom McClintock. So why not just do the corporate cuts now? McClintock on tax cuts: Leave no taxpayer behind | San Luis Obispo Tribune

In a statement provided to McClatchy, Harder was even more explicit: “I support Proposition 6,” he said, referring to the ballot initiative that would reverse California. gas tax,” said Morse, who.

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