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Economics: Continued Labor Market Strength amid Softening Growth Outlook; Housing: Despite a Disappointing 2018, There Is Hope for Existing Home Sales This Year; 01/18 Weekly Note . Economics: Consumers Feel Blue at the Start of the Year; Housing: Declining Mortgage Rates Boost Builders’ Confidence and Mortgage Demand; 01/11 Weekly Note

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Another sign that labour market conditions have yet to tighten significantly is that real wage growth remains very weak in many countries. While this helped contain job losses during the crisis and was necessary in some euro area countries in order to regain competitiveness, it is now holding back a stronger recovery in consumer spending.

Insurance commissioner candidate faced insurance fraud charges Kamala Harris tells Alabama crowd she‘ll boost teacher pay Grassroots push looks to trip up legislation punishing toll scofflaws in Alabama.. Kamala Harris tells Alabama crowd she‘ll boost teacher pay mike cason. Harris, Marvin C. 65 of Mobile,A DeKalb County accountant was arrested Wednesday on charges of insurance fraud for allegedly taking out life insurance policies on 19 elderly customers without permission. Earle Turner Sr., 67.

One picture is all anyone needs to know about the strength of the labor market these days. NAHB housing. by strong breadth. The S&P 500’s cumulative A/D line has made a new high this year, even as.

May 21 (Reuters) – Canada’s housing market will stay stuck in the doldrums. the improving integration of immigrants on the labor market and the preference of millennials are creating a strong. Housing Outlook Remains Weak, While Labor Market Stays Strong.

The decision by the Monetary Policy Committee of the South African Reserve Bank to leave the repo rate unchanged is most welcome in a climate where the economic and housing market outlook remains weak. save for any major dilemma, it also now seems likely that we will see the year out without any.

In summary, the 2017 housing market will be strong, but buyers should beware of potential pricing "bubbles" resulting from an imbalance between supply and demand. For example, the National Association of Realtors forecasts that existing home sales will increase 1.6 percent from 2016 levels, while new single-family home sales will increase 9.

Seniors face rent hikes despite rise in independent-living units "Despite limited economic growth. expected to record mild declines to 135 and 130 units, respectively, in both 2015 and 2016. Multi-residential starts are forecast to increase slightly in 2015 as.

The fact that Friday’s data feels surprisingly soft is a testament to how strong the labor market has been for years on end. Even as the jobs market cools a bit, the outlook remains stellar.

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"Our baseline outlook is for economic growth to remain solid, labor markets to stay strong, and inflation to move back up over time to the committee’s 2% objective," Powell said in prepared remarks.

Overall, predictions and outlook for the US housing market are positive. That’s because the US economy is on its strongest roll ever, bolstered by lower taxes, improved trading agreements, growing American confidence, happiness, comfort, freedom and the American dream has been kindled again.

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