Which brings us to an important question: What’s the lowest credit score you need to rent an apartment? Breaking down a credit score. A credit score can range from 300 to 850. But don’t worry if you haven’t hit magic number 850. Anything above 750 is generally considered an excellent credit score.

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Apartment communities typically look for credit scores 600 or above. If yours is lower, the first thing to do is look over your credit report for any mistakes. It’s important to correct mistakes quickly since items can stay on your credit report for up to seven years (except in the case of a bankruptcy, which stays on your report for 10 years).

A credit score is a big part of the renting process.. Before you can sign that lease, a property owner will likely check your credit.. Do you have anything in collections, judgements, or do you owe money to a previous landlord?. To establish a good credit score, Carlson recommend you get one or two.

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Credit score needed for rental. Some landlords don’t check credit, or you can be a roommate without a credit check. Less-expensive rentals require 600 to 620 FICOs. Premium, more expensive apartments and homes require 740 or higher.

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At least that’s the justification landlords use when they check your credit report before renting an apartment to you. From that perspective, timely rent payment should help your credit score , especially since late rent payments and eviction can completely wreck your credit score.

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Some landlords go no further than your credit score when qualifying you, but others will make allowances for low credit scores. If your landlord allows lower credit scores than the norm, they will be looking at your credit report for indications that you will be a good tenant that mitigate your lower credit score.

Landlords may also check your credit score. There are credit scores specifically for making rental decisions. These scores evaluate your financial situation and help the landlord determine the likelihood that you will pay your rent on time. Your credit report and score is like a financial report card and shows your potential landlord how.

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