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If a husband wants to sell a house, he’ll need his wife’s permission and cooperation if she legally has ownership rights. The deed is used to designate ownership rights, but in certain cases additional factors determine if both spouses must agree to the sale.

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North Carolina law, in general, favors marriage. That is one reason North Carolina has a twelve-month separation requirement prior to any party being able to file for divorce. Courts do not wish to force a married person to leave the marital home, thereby creating a separation without a very good reason.

Can my husband sell our car without my permission I bought the car before we were married and I’m the primary driver I’m the one insured on it but we just put the title in his name can he sell it.

Husband is selling our home without my permission (NC) 5778 168 comments Car got towed from both designated spot and visitor’s spot at apartment complex, other tenants having same problem, 3 days still no response from property management.

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Can my husband sell my home without my permission if we are both on the deed? adonis. Posted on: 08th Mar, 2010 09:01 am. my husband and i purchased our home 11 years ago this june. we are going through a divorce and it will be final this month. he wants to have no obligation to the home whatsoever.

My husband has Alzheimer’s disease. I would like to sell our home and downsize to a continuing-care condominimium residence. Can I do this without his consent?

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